The guitar that playes without strumming
A new kind of instrument.
Endless sustain, due to controllable
feedback, for control of the (hexaphonic)
feedback a foot pedal can be used.
Due to combination of electronicpickups and
magnetic actuators, strings start to vibrate
when foot pedal is pressed down.

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The feedbackguitar is a guitar that pickups the sound of the vibrating strings with
Electronic pickups. These pickups are insensitive for magnetic fields, this makes them
ideally suited to use in a feedbacksystem with a magnetic actuators. We have build a
feedback guitar, whereby each string is pickedup seperately (hexaphonic) and sent to an
actuator per string. This way a truly heaxahonic feedback system is created, Whereby each
string can be controlled individually. The hexaphonic output can be sent to hexaphonic
guitar processors that are compatable with the GK series of Roland.

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