Now in order for you to become a rapper you first have to learn how to rap. To be honest and truthful everyone will not be able to do this. The gift of music has to be in you. Some of you will never be good at it no matter how hard you try. With that being said learning how to rap starts off with you listening to rap music. Everyone has a favorite rapper that they look up to and strive to emulate. Listen to as much rap music as possible. Listen to how the artist puts his or hers words together. As you become familiar with the
music, this includes the different styles of beats, you will began to understand melody and rhythm. This is important for understanding how to rap on time with the beat.

Follow along with your favorite rap artist by memorizing his or hers songs. Learn to say it down to the very last word. Put emphasis on certain words or sentences just like the artist. Practice doing this as much as possible. This will help you learn to move your lips and your tongue and rap from the center of your chest and not just your throat. Learn to speak clearly and say your words so that they are clearly understood.

Next you should write rhymes whenever possible. This is something you want to seriously master. Write about all sorts of things that come to mind. Write about your real life experiences, or other peoples experiences. Write about expensive cars and clothes or jewelry. Write about going to the movies or church or eating your favorite foods. You can pretty much write about anything you choose. Always keep a pen and pad with you so you can jot down any ideas that come to mind. This training will help you master the art of writing and putting words together, thus developing your own personal rapping style.

Master using puns, assonance, consonance and alliteration to become excellent with your word play. Learn to be creative with your rhyming, for instance: try telling a story that rhymes, as most hip hop heads know, slick rick mastered this uncanny skill.

Now once you have learned how to rap your next step is to practice, practice and practice some more. For this step you need to go out and start displaying your talent. What this will do is help you progress in your rhyming ability. What you do is go out and battle other rappers in your area. Get in as many rhyme sessions as possible, if you see a group of people rapping you make sure to get in it and spit your rhymes. Perform at house parties to get recognition.Learn to free style off the top of your head on any subject. Join as many rap contests in your area as possible. Think about rapping all the time and whenever something bad or good happens to you, make sure to rap about it.

At this time you need to decide what type of rap you want to do. There are various forms to choose from. Gangsta which is very popular right now is how many rappers get a deal. However there is also Gospel, Pop, R&B, and Rock to name a few. Which ever form you do choose you need to represent it accordingly.

Next thing you should do is make a demo CD that can be distributed to promote yourself. Find yourself an inexpensive music studio and start recording. Make sure the producer has skills to pump out quality beats. Remember many people will be listening to your CD so make it good and memorable. Now that you have your bomb CD made it is time to promote your work. You can do this on the internet through social networking sites, blogs and websites.

Next you want to give out your CD to other DJs and rappers. Create flyers and give them out at clubs, rap events, shows, and parties. Network with anyone who is in the same field as you. They may know someone who can help you get your foot in the door. Submit your your work to major record labels. First research the label that your going to send your music to, to make sure they take unsolicited material. Try to contact the A&R executive through phone, emails and letters. Make sure your ready to rap at all times. Make sure to have a press kit along with your CD. Your CD should have at least four of your hottest songs on it.

Your journey to become the next JayZ will be a long taxing effort. But anything worth achieving is not easy to get. You may or may not become a world famous rapper, but you will be able to look back on the experience and tell yourself you gave it the old college try. Continue making music and never give up, because if you really love to do it, it will not matter weather you make it big or not. You will still be a rapper a million dollars or none.

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