If you are a rapper or lyricist, you have probably done more than your fair share of writing lyrics, whether more for a hobby that you used to do back in high school, or more on a professional level, spittin lyrics in front of crowds or doing a demo tape or hip hop album. You’ve probably also had your fair share of using hip hop beats already created by well known producers to use as your inspiration, or to simply use as the beat of choice for your track due to not having original content handy. However, if you are using a major producer’s instrumentals from already famous songs, does that really benefit you? Can you truly put your music out with someone else’s beat being used without their permission? Or do original beats play a better chance of getting your music distributed?

If you are serious about your craft, and an artist really trying to get his or her name out there to others, using a big name producer’s work is not going to be the route you can go. These may work okay for spoofs, but you couldn’t enhance your music or really distribute it at all, or especially sell your album to the masses when using someone else’s work without their consent. However, when using hip hop beats that are original and created from scratch, you’ll stand a better chance of being able to market yourself. There are two reasons I can give you immediately to clear this up:

  • Your music sounds more original, in that the chances of someone using original beats that you are also using are much less than someone using a beat from a well known music producer in the major music industry.
  • You’ve obtained permission simply by buying the beat, so you don’t have the worries of having to clear usage of a beat or instrumental from a major music producer. With original work, you’re free to create music you can sell, given the contract between you the buyer, and the producer as the seller permits of course.

In short, if you are really looking to enhance your music as a rapper, or as a singer for that matter, you are better off obtaining hip hop beats that are original and made from scratch so that you can make your music sound more unique and create a better buzz for yourself, and to clear any worries of being sued for selling your mixtape or albums to others that contains instrumentals from well known music producers without consent. After all, if you are putting work into making an album, wouldn’t you want to be able to try to sell it at least?

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